Theatre in the Park, Chichester

The “Theatre in the Park” is a temporary tented auditorium that is being used in place of the Festival Theatre, Chichester while it is being redeveloped.

Using Our Auto Cad Expertise

ISD chose Kingspan 1100CS Eurobox profile panels which give an acceptable sound reduction rating of 24dB to form the walls of the temporary theatre.

The circular design of the building proved challenging but we were able to overcome this using our Auto Cad expertise to trial various options for the build before we were happy we had the one that was both aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose.

The construction of the auditorium was completed ahead of programme. The request from the main contractor that our labour teamwork at the weekends and our acceptance to do so was a crucial factor in delivering the project ahead of schedule.

Customer Testimonial

“We are delighted with the installation. Whilst for ISD, Kingspan panels are a known and frequently used product, we’ve never used it before in a tented theatre.

Normally we’d use black wool serge drape which is serviceable but not ideal – the panel gives a clean, smart finish and a sense of permanence to space as it feels structural and solid. Your team – the installers and Agnieszka – have been great, working well with us and other contractor’s onsite to get the job done.” – Oli Seadon, Associate Producer – Theatre in the Park

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