Nestlé, Derbyshire

ISD Special Projects Division provided and installed the insulated wall panels, floor insulation, concrete floor, plinths, doors and associated items for a new freeze-drying coffee facility for Nestlé, Marston Lane, Hatton Derby

As the project is for freeze-dried coffee the temperature in this process must be below -42 deg c the facility was therefore designed with a mean temperature of -50 deg c.

Freeze Dried Coffee Facility

The installation process was challenging, the main chamber was installed within a newly built concrete structure.

The wall panels were in excess of 19.0m and had to be craned in through an opening in the roof.

Although the panel meterage was low approx 5,000m2 the installation process was fairly slow as ISD had to work with and around Nestlé so they were able to install their plant equipment.

ISD designed a new semi-rebate hinged door 200mm thick to cope with the extreme temperature differential. The hinged doors are up to 1500mm wide x 2700mm high and there are 35 in total.

Special Projects

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