HelloFresh, Ravenhall, Australia

HelloFresh is a production and distribution company who aim to provide households across the world with wholesome, homemade meals that require no shopping or hassle. The boxes delivered have everything needed to make the meals, making it more convenient for the customer. They are seen to be the most popular meal kit in the world, with over 6.94 million active customers.

The Customer Requirement

As shopping habits changed and people increasingly brought food online, the demand rapidly changed. It became evident that a new facility for Hello Fresh was required as there was a lack of refrigerated warehouses. In late 2020 ISD Solutions Australia partnered with Qanstruct to urgently provide this new facility under a very tight construction schedule.

Client Testimonial

“ISD’s works were completed to a very high standard in all regards. their attention to detail is excellent and quality control, which is paramount in their field, is in my experience second to none”.

“They always went the extra mile when required or requested and the end result was a quality facility, completed on schedule, that we were proud to hand over to our client.”

– D. Sherlock Construction Manager


Link to Case study

CaseStudy – Hello Fresh2


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