Dukeshill Ham, Telford

Dukeshill Ham Company Ltd was founded in 1985 and are producers of a range of High-Quality Hams, Bacon. Sausages and various other products.

The company’s hard work and commitment led to the company receiving a Royal Warrant to supply hams to the Queen in 2003.

Blast Chiller Installation

The challenge for Dukeshill was, as a result of an increase in demand for their Cooked Ham and associated products, they needed to install a new Blast Chill facility, but had limited space available on site.

The only available space Dukeshill could consider was spare land to the side of the existing production building. An opening was made and a new Blast Chill installation in hygienic panels (supplied by ISD) was formed on a new concrete pad cast for the project by the Cold Store Refurbish team from ISD Cold Store Maintenance.

Kemtile installed new stainless steel kerbs, made alterations to existing kerbs in the main building.  This was to accommodate a new sliding door following which, they then installed a new Kagetec AR Floor Tiling System to the area,  including tiling the new evaporator plenum.

The successful outcome of the project involving collaboration between ISD Solutions and Kemtile was that Dukeshill Ham is now able to meet increased demand for their product range by way of the new Blast Chill facility, with a Kagetec Tiled floor that matched the original floor in the production area installed by Kemtile 12 years ago.


Acknowledged leaders in this field, as evidenced by a high level of repeat business, ISD delivers a high-class product, commercially priced, and on time.


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