Costco, Bristol

Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of membership warehouses, under the “Costco Wholesale” name, that carries quality, brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices than are typically found at conventional wholesale or retail outlets. The warehouses are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and for everyday business use. Individual Members may also purchase for their personal needs.

ISD Cold Store Maintenance was called to the Costco Bristol site to repair a chiller room, that had endured forklift truck impact damage to the walls and sliding door, with minimum disruption to on-going trade.

Works to rectify

  • Remove 2 no damaged end wall panels and remove existing 3 series door and frame
  • Install 2 no new wall panels 100mm 1155mm x 6800mm 
  • Install new 3 Series sliding Door and frame
  • New 5 bar door reveals
  • Install new 2 part coving to the end wall section internally
  • Remove existing goal posts and install new goalpost and side barrier.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining the fabric of a cold store is critical to ensure it operates efficiently, read how planned maintenance Improves performance.

CSM Emergency Callout

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