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ISD Cold Storage shelving units

The challenge with any chilled storage facility, or warehouse,  is that you often need to be able to stack boxes when you want to maximise space utilisation, for example for palletised goods, but also have shelving available to store smaller cartons.
To have both, usually means a compromise, sacrificing space efficiency for flexibility.
With Stowaway Shelving from ISD, you have a highly flexible cold room shelving solution that can be folded up or down in seconds to customise your own perfect storage space.

Flexible Storage – Loaded with Features

  • Highest Quality materials
  • Strong – 125kg per shelf (500kg total per bay)
  • Tried and tested (over 13,000 bays across over 800 stores) with 0% failure rate
  • Hygienic dishwasher-safe shelf inserts
  • Height adjustable (2500mm to 3000mm)
  • In-built Safety catches
  • Quick and easy to install (15 minutes per bay)
  • Infinitely flexible layouts achievable
  • Acts to protect the panels when in an upright position
  • Simple Installation

Simple Installation

Proudly manufactured in our UK factory to our specification and design, Stowaway Shelving from ISD is simple to install, just needing a minimum 80mm thickness to fix to and with a wide range of pre-drilled fixings means virtually any space can be utilised.
Each shelving unit is totally pre-assembled at the ISD Manufacturing Facility, and are so light to be individually carried by one person.

We are experts in cold storage construction, firewalls, data-centres and single envelope cladding.


We’ve put together some brochures to help you decide on the right company to choose for your next project.

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