ISD Solutions announces space saving Stowaway Shelving to complement cold storage solutions

Published on 16th June, 2015

Gloucester, 3 June 2015: ISD Solutions, the leader in cold store warehouse construction and off-the-peg modular cold rooms, is launching a high-quality shelving solution to customise space requirements in a busy cold room and warehouse environments. The shelving solution, which can be folded up or down in seconds, allows retailers, food manufacturers and caterers to make the most of their valuable cold storage space.

Unlike static racking systems which can limit available floor space and reduce flexibility, ISD’s Stowaway Shelving is designed to be there when you need it and instantly folded away when other bulkier items and palletised goods need to be accommodated.

We are experts in cold storage construction, firewalls, data-centres and single envelope cladding.


We’ve put together some brochures to help you decide on the right company to choose for your next project.

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